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NEWS: World Premiere Stream of Arizona

October 9, 2014

With the world-wide release of Stephen Doster’s Arizona set for November 4th, Josh Bloom of New York’s Fanatic Promotion announced today that Guitar World is streaming the world premiere of “Arizona,” the album’s title track and lead single through its website starting today. Guitar World is one of the world’s leading guitar magazines and we are honored that “Arizona” has been chosen to be featured on their website. With over 1.3 million Facebook and nearly 300,000 Twitter followers, we are very excited that the first single now has the opportunity to be heard, even before the album is officially released.

Listen to “Arizona” now.

“Arizona” is perhaps the edgiest guitar song on the entire album and is a perfect opener for the album. Doster’s six-string mastery and impeccable tone is on display throughout the track, but the lead section of the track, in particular, will have listeners reaching for the volume knob to turn it up when it kicks in. Doster’s artful and layered guitar work throughout the song creates a veritable symphony of tones, which can only come from a master musician and veteran producer. That these two roles are filled by one person speaks volumes about Stephen Doster as an artist.

Arizona, the album, which is being released through Atticus Records, will be available digitally at iTunes, Amazon and other major online distributors, and select record store outlets on November 4th. Doster, who will be touring the UK when the album is released, will be working the record in the U.S. throughout 2015.